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Is CBD a fad, or future of healing? Valley users, researchers explain. • Green Spot CBD

Is CBD a fad, or future of healing? Valley users, researchers explain.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Cannabidiol oil (CBD) has been popping up on store shelves all throughout the Valley claiming it can cure a number of ailments, but experts said it may not be as safe as we think.

“It’s like a miracle cure, a miracle to get me off pain killers and Zantax is just unbelievable. To get me completely clear of that stuff is just nuts,” Healing Panda owner Kenny Knoll said.

The US Food and Drug Administration announced on April 2, 2019, that it will hold a public hearing to discuss developing a regulatory framework for the use of CBD in consumer products, including foods and beverages. 

Kenny said he had two strokes several years ago, CBD saved his life.

“Ironically, the same day in February, the same day as my MRI, I had another stroke. Two minutes into it, we had a CBD bottle that we got at some vape shop, my employee put three drops into my mouth and my stroke stopped in three seconds,” Knoll said.

CBD is found inside the cannabis plan. It’s similar to marijuana, without the THC, the chemical that gets people high.

Kenny went on a quest to find out more about CBD’s healing properties and went to Colorado to study at hemp farms.

“When we came back, we started researching and researching and making some combinations and letting people try it, and then it just took off from there,” Knoll said.

That’s when Kenny started the Healing Panda. Unlike most dispensaries or pharmacies, Kenny’s business customizes every CBD need from scratch.

“When I took this medicine, I see lots of improvement. And I’m getting lots of As,” Healing Panda customer Jayden Rimando said.

Jayden has autism and eczema and he said CBD has been able to help him through both of those.

“I don’t feel it working. I don’t feel it, it just works. It’s magic, I don’t know how it works,” Jayden said.

Courtney Donaker said she uses it for her 4-year-old pup Lola.

“We just really had a hard time managing her symptoms until we found CBD oil,” Donaker said.

But how safe is this oil that can help a 8-year-old boy focus in school and a 4-year old pup walk?

“Canabidiol is of interest because it works on the brain on a particular receptor that system that regulates pain, anxiety, mood. The potential really exists that it’s a really positive therapeutic substance,” Dr. Mel Pohl said.

Dr. Pohl specializes in substance recovery, and said anyone who buys the oil should be wary of what’s inside of it.

“Anytime you ever spend your money on things, that claims it’s going to do something I think it;s always buyer beware,” Dr. Pohl said.

Kenny agreed, which is why he gets testing papers with every batch of CBD isolates and customizes every root and herb he adds to bottles.

CBD is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA will be meeting to discuss the safety, manufacturing, and regulation of CBD at the end of May.

“I don’t have a lot of concern about people using it. The concern I have with it is if you buy a CBD preparation, you don’t know whats in it,” Dr. Pohl said.

But for Kenny, CBD is not just a fad. It is the future of healing, “seeing their expressions of how CBD has helped their loved ones and who they are is all the research you need.”

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Is CBD a fad, or future of healing? Valley users, researchers explain. • Green Spot CBD
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Is CBD a fad, or future of healing? Valley users, researchers explain. • Green Spot CBD
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