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The Truth About CBD Oil on Amazon | Green Spot CBD

The Problem with CBD Oil on Amazon

When searching for CBD Oil online, you’ve probably realized that there has recently been a surge of product listings of CBD oil on Amazon.

While rising consumer demand has driven CBD onto the shelves of major organizations like Kroger, Sprouts Markets, and Macy’s, it’s actually quite surprising to find that CBD oil could be sold on Amazon, because of its rigid policies.

Naturally, thousands of Amazon Prime members, have ordered CBD on Amazon, but once they get their order, many shoppers realize that the “CBD oil” on Amazon is not what it seems…

Shopping for CBD Oil on Amazon

When you search for “CBD Oil Amazon” on Google, you’ll find numerous search results for Amazon Categories with titles like  “Pure CBD Oil” and “CBD Oils.” Click on any of these links, and you’ll get directed to an Amazon category page with a corresponding title in large text.

Logically, one would gather that the products displayed on this page are actual CBD products; however, there’s a small chance they actually contain any CBD at all…

The Problem with Buying CBD Oil on Amazon

While there are many products from established CBD brands occasionally on Amazon, a majority of the CBD products seem to be very generic and can’t be found everywhere but Amazon.

Even more strange was a most the CBD oil on Amazon were labeled with high MG concentrations but were costed much cheaper than many CBD products
Here’s a screenshot of something on Amazon that promises to have “17,500mg,” but is being sold for just $15.19.

Should You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon

Clearly, this is too good to be true.

The Truth About CBD Oil on Amazon

While industrial-hemp derived CBD, was federally legalized this past year under the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, the FDA hasn’t yet established clear rules for CBD. As a result of this, Amazon and a great many other e-commerce systems are preserving their existing guidelines until further clarification from the FDA.

Being a temporary solution for this issue, many CBD companies will label their products as “Hemp Oil” somewhat than “CBD Oil.” Despite the clear issues provided by this improper use of words, it is a fairly common practice on the market & most customers have grown to be familiar with it.

In cases like this, however, it appears that many vendors are employing this loophole to exploit the industry’s insufficient regulatory structure and trick those searching for CBD on Amazon.

While the CBD products on Amazon can happen nearly the same as actual CBD products, they are actually only
Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oi
l and don’t contain any CBD whatsoever, which means these products will not deliver the enhanced effects of multiple cannabinoids.

Don’t Buy Fake CBD Oil on Amazon

The prevalence of these CBD Oil scams on Amazon has created an unsafe environment for CBD users. To avoid getting tricked by these fake CBD oil products on Amazon, its probably best to avoid buying CBD on Amazon, at least for now.

Hopefully, Amazon will address this issue soon, but until then, you’ll have to survive without Prime’s 2-day shipping for your online CBD orders.

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